Diabetes Nutrition Program

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The Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute Diabetes Nutrition Program helps kids and their families make healthy eating choices that will help manage diabetes.

Alimentación saludable con diabetes

Nutrition and meal planning are important parts of managing diabetes. Everything a child eats and drinks can affect their blood sugar. There are no strict limitations to what children with diabetes can eat, but proper meal planning and dietary strategies can help control blood sugar. The registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators with Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute help patients and families develop a healthier relationship with food. Meal planning is focused on meeting each child’s unique needs.

Diabetes Nutrition Program Resources 

Cocina nutricional

A feature of Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute is a Nutrition Kitchen for families to learn how to plan and cook diabetes-friendly meals and snacks. Families can learn to incorporate a variety of balanced foods into meals, along with strategies to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Nutrition Kitchen classes will be coming soon and will cover the basics of food preparation, holiday-themed meals and snacks, and carbohydrate-counting for new families. The classes will center on using healthy and safe alternatives to traditional ingredients for patients with diabetes. Check back for class schedules, or ask your diabetes provider for details.

Diabetes Education Manual

We provide families with a comprehensive diabetes education manual. This important diabetes resource educates patients and caregivers about living with diabetes and outlines the different ways diabetes affects the body. The manual provides guidance on calculating insulin, using an insulin pump, making food choices and other ways to manage diabetes. Additional resources include travel tips and how to participate in research studies.

Insulin Dose Place Mat

When a new patient is diagnosed with diabetes, one of the first things to learn is how to calculate carbohydrate intake. Each family is provided with an educational “insulin dose place mat.” The place mat is a reusable adaptation of a worksheet from the diabetes education manual that’s laminated for easy cleanup and can be used during mealtimes to track carbohydrate intake and calculate an insulin dosage.

Support Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute

The Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute Diabetes Nutrition Program is available thanks to donations from the Lift a Life Novak Family Foundation and Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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