Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services 

Norton Children’s laboratory services are designed “Just for Kids.” Each location and its staff are equipped with tools to help ease your child’s nerves during procedures. 

Kid-Friendly Approach 

Norton Children’s laboratory facilities are designed to help kids feel more comfortable. Many locations include music, special lighting, videos and other items to soothe your child. 

Convenient Options

Imaging and Laboratory testing is available at Norton Children’s HospitalNorton Women’s & Children’s Hospital and Norton Children’s Medical Center. Most lab tests are available 24/7 and without an appointment.

Laboratory testing that requires an appointment is available at the CPA Labs at Novak Center for Children’s Health and Hikes Point.

Prompt Test Results

Test results are available quickly with proxy access to your child’s free MyNortonChart account. In addition to test results, MyNortonChart allows you to communicate with your child’s provider, renew prescriptions, schedule appointments and more.

Estimación de costos

The cost of a test depends on the type of insurance plan you have, copays, deductibles and other factors. The Norton Healthcare billing office can help estimate your cost for the type of test your provider ordered. También puede comunicarse con su compañía de seguros para obtener información.

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